Monday, May 08, 2006

suicide methods

from my email:-

Hi, I was just wondering if you had decided on a method yet and if so which? I am also from the UK and I read some of your posts [in ash or asm] and would be interested to hear some of your ideas. I have Darvon & Phenobarbital that I got from online pharmacies and I was happy with this method for a while, but now I wonder if they would be reliable.
Do you have any thoughts? E-Mail me.
Thank You

basically I fight for my life
so old age is my target

when I was really depressed in 1999, I used the samaritans and phoned them in the night,
or on the way back from the hospital in Solihull, where my mother wanted to commit suicide, I used to drop in and ask for a coffee, and chat away until I felt better.
I also use alcohol but only at night-- which makes me fat - been dry for months but recently had a lapse and put on half a stone
- dry again now
and I made some friends too, who supported me in the bar at The George - emotionally not literally
so we phone each other if we want an ear


Hugh W


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