Tuesday, October 05, 2004

wittgenstein dialognet on language

In England we had media reportage of some twins, who were outsiders and young criminals, speaking an unknown language which turned out to be an argot, when analysed, rather than a new language.

Wittgenstein is so dated see google for stuff he never dreamed of .
Certainly LW has a place in the history of philosophy but surely active philosophers have moved on far beyond him.

The numbered structure of his paragraphs is actually that used in the British army for writing (and easily amending) manuals .

I know Danish administration was imported from Germany, and the English copied Prussian military methods of training; including drill, marching in step and the 6 or 8 piece eighteenth century military band. That was not counting drums, fifes and the bugles or trumpets , which were signal intruments for transmitting commands rather than for music - and the bass drum and cymbals came from the turkish jannissary band - little do racist rockers know that they derive their head banging stuff from the MEHTER.

As a genealogist and family historian I often burrow in major archives and witness the evolution of civil sevice adminstrative methods - you have to get into the mind set of the creator of the archives to get anywhere and often use the MS indexes scribbled by some long dead clerk for his own use.

Which leads to my question - who invented that systematic method of numbering paragraphs?

Certainly not LW who would have seen it in the army.


Blogger Hugh Watkins said...

What about some cleric in the Roman church?

The bible has chapter and verse too and was it the subject of revision by the Council of Trent, the nineteenth ecumenical council which opened at Trent on 13 December, 1545, and closed there on 4 December, 1563. or First Ecumenical Council: Nicaea I (325)

The Septuagint, or Alexandrine, Version, the first and foremost translation of the Hebrew Bible, was made in the third and second centuries B.C

does this have numbered verses ?

source NEW ADVENT wih its wonderful google site search Google Search New Advent site

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