Thursday, October 21, 2004

Microwave Recipes: Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

More Microwave Recipes: Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

What a bore ! the old way of boiling pasta and rinsing it for one person - there must be a new way to be discovered. . . and the consequent washing up to be avoided.

it is time to experiment with some taglioni I have lying about - I think the main idea must be rehydrating it
So I covered the pasta in in boiling water, salt and a dash olive oil, and left it on defrost for 4 minutes - not enough so now again on low for 8 minutes.
Now soft a tiny bit chewy so i am going toleave it for 40 minutes to absorb the moisture then zap it to reheat for a minute or so.

Meanwhile I have a 10 day old (daily boiled) soup running in the pressure cooker, which has cans tomato and beans with herbs, curry and hot chile powders on a home made stock base from lamb bones and a quarter of a broiler chicken, which chicken meat cooked from froozen tastes best after 24 hours - on the second daily boil up.

I forgot the other elements, I start a stock like my mother with carrot, onion , and meat bones; and also in this soup there has been garlic, cabbage cauliflower - both leaves and rosettes - all eaten on other days - the vegetables obviously best fresh everyday.

This is going to be poured over the pasta.

I often serve my soups with rice, sometimes with whole meal brown bread or over some old dry ryebread - two slices crumbled in a bowl.

This is peasant, or viking , cooking keeping the stew pot on the go all the time.

Extra herbs and spices get added daily like ginger or even mixed spices fom england, 5 spice chinese or 7 spice thai mixtures.

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