Monday, November 01, 2004

frakturseite - fraktura - kurent

frakturseite - fraktura - kurent: "Alte Schwabacher"
an astonishing historical survey of the blackface fonts from 1470

The Czech font scene

In the 19th century, the Normal-Fraktur is the most common Fraktur type. Only in Bavaria, the Schwabacher is a serious concurrent of the Normal-Fraktur. However, gothic fonts (Textura) and Schwabacher are used as 'Auszeichnungsschrift' for titles and other emphasised text passages. Since the beginning of the 20th century, many new styles of alphabet design have been introduced.

The prominent features of all Fraktur fonts are the long 's' and the 'ligatures'.

The long-'s' was already introduced during the time of Bastarda handwritings in order to improve the legibility of words. It was used instead of the normal ‚s' at the beginning of words and word-parts, as well as within words: sagen, Erbse, lesen, essen, gestern, Höhensonne, etc. If a word was hyphenated or ended in an apostrohpe, the long-s remained.
Thus, the 'round-s' was used only at the end of words and word parts and at the end of syllables derived from foreign terms.

Ligatures are joined letters (1 letterform for setting) and were used to improve the flow of printed Fraktur:
from METAe Newsletter

the other use of ligatures was to speed up type setting


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