Wednesday, March 02, 2005

How the Usenet News Protocols Work

How the Usenet News Protocols Work

There is a problem with the newsgroups header in a message sent via e-mail. Different systems use this header in two different ways:

1 -- To indicate that this message has also been sent via Usenet news to the indicated newsgroups.
2 -- To indicate that this is a personal reply, sent only via e-mail, to a message posted on the indicated newsgroups.

Because of this problem, it is better to use the Posted-To header in e-mail to indicate that a message has also been sent to certain newsgroups, and e-mail recipients should ignore any newsgroups heading in an e-mail message.

A FIGURE shows how new articles are forwarded from server to server in Usenet News.

A server tells its adjacent servers which items it offers, the server requests those it has not already got via another route.


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