Friday, December 09, 2005

Post darwinism

The Internal Evolutionary Mechanism

META name "Description" Model of an Internal Evolutionary Mechanism, based on homeostasis, linking Directed Mutation to the Baldwin Effect."

META name "KeyWords" "Directed Mutation,Baldwin Effect,internal evolutionary mechanism,homeostasis,evolution,bacteria,stationary-phase mutations,hypermutation,Darwin,natural selection,fish,amphibians,reptiles,mammals,genome,amino acids,pleiotropic genes,DNA,notochord,common ancestor,area of natural equilibrium,gills,fetus,mole,Cannon,John Latter,AONE,Weismann,university"

Post darwinism became important to me since I heard of Burgess Shale fossils

search4science: "Bj�rn K. Pedersen, MD founder of search4science:
'Researchers have grown fed up with the chaotic information that reigns on the Internet, where many users seldom finding what they are looking for,' says Bj�rn K. Pedersen, MD and founder of search4science.
'Our Darwinistic search method is the solution to this problem, since it offers more synonyms and supplementary words the more it is used. We have already applied for a patent for the technical solution.'"

Since January 2000, 35 researchers and students linked to the Oslo Research Park have been working on a new method of finding relevant information on the Internet. The result is search4science, an interactive and intelligent search service which, at the start, contained around 50,000 scientific words and expressions, and now contains over 220,000 scientific words and phrases.

post googlism too


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