Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Danish News on Find up-to-date Danish news here

Danish News on Find up-to-date Danish news here: "For a full daily news service on Denmark, Danes and Danish Affairs visit the official Danish newsroom here. The newsroom carries professional press photos, news on business, Denmark and EU, Danish domestic politics, Denmark in international politics, science, IT, culture, art, sports and entertainment.

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The news on is provided by the national news agency Ritzau, the principal supplier of national and international news to all Danish news media.
Ritzau's Bureau receives material from several foreign agencies, notably Reuters, and itself disseminates Danish news abroad. 86% of its material is news and about 11% general information. The Bureau was established in 1866 and has been owned by the Danish press since 1947.

News on Danish business, domestic and international politics"

BBC NEWS | Europe | Denmark to hold early elections: "Denmark will hold an early general election on 8 February, the ruling Liberal Party said on Tuesday. "

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Hi Hugh W kins I’ve been looking for Prayer related blogs and I came across yours on Danish News on Find up-to-date Danish news here during my trawl, so I thought it would be polite to let you know about my visit. I have just recently started a daily news feed on my own site and you are most welcome to come and visit me at Prayer. I would also be happy to trade links with you if you are interested. Bye for now and have a nice day! Roy

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