Thursday, November 04, 2004

Elementymology and the periodic table

Elementymology & Elements Multidict: " I am not a chemist, but a (map) historian much interested in the origin of names.

On several of the sites listing elements you will find historical notes and often an explanation of the origin of element names.
However, mostly, the authors of these pages copy each other and the same errors and mistakes are repeated.
I tried to do some new etymological research on the element names, and find the original articles where the discoverer of a new element announced his find and explained the naming." Peter van der Krogt

What do you find in this web site?
The major part is formed by 117 pages, each describing one element. cut

What do you NOT find in this web site?

Scientific data (chemical and physical) of the elements.
There are hundreds of website presenting that information links


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