Saturday, November 06, 2004

Google Search: "AOL customer survey"

Google Search: "AOL customer survey"
some strange results

User:Manning Bartlett/Urban Legends and Hoaxes Guide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which links to scams
Google Search: aol

AND a new word for me
Google Search: HIKMAT

Unani (Unani medicine, Unani system of medicine, Unani Tibb): System based on the ancient Greek theory of four basic elements--air, earth, fire, and water--and four bodily fluids (humors)--blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile (choler). The goal of Unani is the "balancing" of humors. Temperament supposedly stems from the dominant humor and is a determinant of "diagnosis" and treatment. For example, anger and irritability supposedly manifest an excess of yellow bile. "Unani" is the Arabic word for "Greek." Apparently, "Hikmat" and "Tibe-Unani" are synonymous with "Unani medicine."

from Alternative Health Dictionary - u > Dictionary - W says WISDOM Google Search: HIKMAT dictionary


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