Thursday, January 20, 2005

Wil the fat lady sing ?

Sergeant at Arms Susan Wells stole the show at the Bush presidential inaugural,
she CLACKED CLACKED heavy footed down the stone stairs louder than the band.
Surely she should be on sick leave or pensioned off
- oh well she could shoot intruders rather than run after them.

My ISP is still down so I have CNN on the TV above my desk.
Bush's values have depreciated the dollar,
and created a reduction of living standards in the whole of the USA.

Well the US public voted for him and have to suffer -- too bad.

Even the band is slightly out of tune. . . it was a cold day too.

Google Search: inaugural - I had to get that spelling right.

looks like Segeant at Arms means something different in UK and in USA
or did CNN get her job title wrong? or did I?


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