Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Michael Ruse - Francisco Ayala - Ron Dwyer

Michael Ruse is peeking out from behind a picture of some old ideas.

Darwin and Design: Does Evolution Have a Purpose?

the ongoing debate about the relationship between science and religion, and between evolution and its religious critics.

and Darwin's Discovery: Design without Designer:-

Google Search: Francisco Ayala

Biography: Francisco Ayala
His research focusses on population and evolutionary genetics, including the origin of species, genetic diversity of populations, the origin of malaria, the population structure of parasitic protozoa, and the molecular clock of evolution. He also writes about the interface between religion and science, and on philosophical issues concerning epistemology, ethics, and the philosophy of biology.

the link turned up in [post-Popper] yahoo list
to Philosophy of Biology Blog contributeed by one Ron Dwyer

In the background to this scribble I am listening to BBC Radio 3, and choral evensong from Southwark cathedral with its sensuality of boyish tones and old accoustics - but the dear priestess made a prayer for the Rover Car Factory.

That cookie has crumbled and the omelette of that failed buyout is all burned up. If god is a capitalist she is going to send in the receivers not the clowns.

It is really tough on about twelve thousand people - families of workers - but what is needed now is practical help for all those people avoid them being dragged down by that sinkng ship.
Google Search: god capitalist God's Capitalist: Asa Candler of Coca-Cola

the old Puritan notion that wealth is a sign of God's favor

God as an Investment
google them yourself - the web is full of quaint ideas.



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