Thursday, March 31, 2005

Art of page design

Bracket Bracket 26

We observe the dots
and want to sense the lines in between

that's all we ever do
that's all we ever think

a yearning to
& understand the lines in between

the dots
the nodes
are what we personally experience of the world

the lines
are the comparisons
and relationships
and metaphors that connect the dots

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Blogger Tomas said...

Good Morning Hugh W kins, I find reading blog articles like Art of page design most rewarding at times. It enhances the experiences of life in many cases.

Being a physician, amongst other things I often have a soft spot for blogs related to web development and /or sites that are built around web development type items.

Once again, thank you Hugh W kins, and I will look for your posts again in the future. :-)

10:19 PM  

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