Saturday, April 22, 2006

wittgenstein vade mecum

Paul Strathern wittgenstein vade mecum - Google Search

Wittgenstein in 90 Minutes

Paul Strathern - Penguin UK Authors - Penguin UK:
"Paul Strathern was born in London in 1940. He studied physics, chemistry and maths at Trinity College, Dublin, before switching to philosophy. He is the author of several novels, including A Season in Abyssinia, which won a Somerset Maugham prize, and two highly successful series of short introductory books, Philosophers in 90 Minutes and The Big Idea: Scientists Who Changed the World. Paul Strathern lectures in philosophy and science at Kingston University."

from my email:-
Grain of Sand: Another Wittgenstein Essay: "Wittgenstein's notion of 'language games' compares favorably with the emergent notion of 'namespaces' in computer science: in order to disambiguate and avoid gratuitous 'name collisions' we must specify the context, using a notation for doing so."


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Hi: I'm a graduate student and I'm working informally over the summer on some Wittgenstein things. I have a Wittgenstein blog (for the most part). I'd be charmed if you looked at it.

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