Thursday, April 14, 2005

Project Runeberg - call for volunteeers

from my email:-

Hi Hugh,

Thank you for your letter and your interest in Project Runeberg!

Virtual Reference Library

That's a pretty good page that I didn't know of.
We should make it our long term goal to expand our prescence there.
We have the ambition to cover all of Scandinavia, but right now we're approximately 80% Swedish, 15 % Danish, 3 % Norwegian, 1 % Finnish, and we try to expand more in the languages where we have less.

We constantly fail to do this, as we add more in Swedish than in any other language.

In February, our first Finnish encyclopedia went online, and in March I just completed two more volumes of Salmonsens, as I can see you have noticed.

Right now, Norwegian feels like a priority with the 1905-2005 celebrations coming up, and in Danish Salmonsens would have priority over other works, as I'm sure you'll agree.

We're a volunteer project and have no budget, well almost. The fastest way to add to our collection is to scan a book and upload the scanned images to our website.
If you cannot scan, perhaps you can find the book and send it to us.

One good source of old Scandinavian books is Of course, both alternatives are useless if copyright would stop us from publishing.

-- What software are you guys using to scan and index?

For scanning we use standard image file formats, predominantly TIFF G4 in 600 dpi.
For OCR we use ABBYY FineReader. For the rest, we write our own software.
We're programmers.
-- there are two books which need to be online - Trap Danmark - but which edition will be safely out of copyright?

We could only safely publish the 3rd edition (6 vols, 1895-1906), edited by W. Weitemeyer, or the two earlier editions edited by Jens Peter Trap himself.

- there is a Postvæsons list of place names from about 1900

This is an "anonymous" work, where we can publish any edition which is more than 70 years old, i.e. 1934 or earlier.
-- one or two older versions of Krak in the nineteenth century

Ove Krak, the founder in 1910 and initial editor, died in 1923, so any edition before this (1910-1922) should be out of copyright. I don't know who took over the editing after his death.

The following is general information about us.

Project Runeberg is an open and voluntary initiative to publish Nordic literature on the Internet.
The project started in December 1992. We have a small editorial office at Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden, and hundreds of volunteers all over the Internet.

You are welcome to join us. There is nothing you have to do, and it doesn't cost you anything, but you also don't earn any money from us, but cooperate as a volunteer among peers.
Together we build the Internet's biggest center for Nordic literature!

We need help in...

...publishing more Nordic literature, using a scanner or keyboard entry, anything that you want the world to read. Publishing a text requires the permission of the author, or that the author died more than 70 years ago.
Hint: We need more works by female writers.

...proof reading Nordic literature that we have already published. If you help us publish a text, someone else will proofread it.

...finding information about Nordic authors and artists, their lives, their works, their literary societies, that we can publish in our "Nordic Authors" section.
You can find some guidelines on
...answering tricky questions from our readers.
...spreading information about Project Runeberg in schools, societies, papers, and to your friends and colleagues.

All you need is tell us you're interested, and something about your interests and in which area you want to help us.
We do all communication by e-mail.
Your questions are always welcome.
Send them to our editors at

Sounds interesting? I hope so. Write to us!

Whether you are able to help us or not, you can still join our electronic mailing list. This is an open forum for information and discussion about the project.
To subscribe to the list, visit

'Lars Aronsson, coordinator.
-- Project Runeberg - free Nordic literature -


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