Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Top ten thrift tips

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A little bit goes a long way when it comes to saving money on everyday expenses.

Saving or paying off debts is easier when you cut back on day-to-day expenses. These simple tips will help you put more money in the bank.

1. Forget the lottery
As nice as it would be to win millions, it’s a one in 14 million chance. Trying to hit the jackpot on a weekly basis can cost more than £100 a year. How many friends can you name who've won more than that in the lottery?

2. Cut the luxuries
The cost of a second or even third family holiday every year will really rack up. Look ahead: Retiring without any money to take holidays is not a fun prospect.

3. Back to basics
New music is great and we all like adding to our CD collections. But, do you listen to half the CDs you already have? Try listening to the radio to hear the latest tunes.

4. Work out in the park
A gym membership can cost from £400 to £,1000 every year. Be honest: Do you really get value out of it? It’s free to go for a run in the park.

5. Cut back
A glass of wine after work just two evenings a week can cost more than £260 over a year. Is it really worth it?

6. Brown bag it
Buying a sandwich from your local sandwich shop is more than twice as expensive as making one at home. Home made is healthier, too.

7. Reconsider the DIY
Home improvements have become the home owners’ activity de jour. It’s also really expensive. Unless it will to add considerable value to your home, you’ll be better off digging in the garden.

8. Cut the cards
With plastic in your pocket, it’s difficult to resist those impulse buys. If you don’t carry it, you can’t use it.

9. Give up coffee
Buying a coffee on the way to work each morning can cost more than £360 every year.

10. Step away from the TV
A monthly subscription to Sky can cost £500 a year. What did you do before satellite TV

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