Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Macintosh Security Site

Security for Mac Platform MacOS X Security Firewalls Desktop Network Security secure mac os x Virus Encrpytion PGP macosx: "Welcome to SecureMac.com, a site devoted to Apple Macintosh security and Mac OS X Security! Use the Side Bar to navigate the site, check this page frequently for updates and new security products for the Mac OS!"

University of Utah - Mac OS Support: "Welcome to the Mac OS Support page at the University of Utah. This site was created to help, support, inform and educate users of Apple software, hardware and integration at the University of Utah. This sited is not intended for direct end-user support, but for people who support Apple technology in a department and/or group. "

ATPM 8.02 - Networking: Mac & PC Overview: "As time passes, the number of networks that include both Macs and other PCs continues to increase. Each different computer, whether a Mac, Windows PC, or whatever, is known as a different platform; and a network that combines multiple platforms is known as a mixed network. Setting up a mixed network presents its own unique challenges, since you need to know something about each platform involved."


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