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05:0505:Die schönsten Bahnstrecken der Welt
Burma: Thazi - Kalaw Führerstands-Mitfahrten

How to travel by train in
Myanmar (Burma)

Train times & fares for Myanmar (Burma) - an illustrated guide to train travel

Myanmar railway - Google Image Searchand the zig zag up the mountain was unforgetable

Zig Zag up the mountain and unforgetable.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jon Atack on the Theft in Denmark

Jon Atack on the Theft in Denmark

Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health

Scientology is a neo-gnostic system, which is to say that it teaches the attainment of insight through a series of stages
These stages are called by Scientologists "the Bridge to Total Freedom". The Bridge currently consists of some 27 levels.

These levels might be compared to the initiations of magical systems. While the stages appear dissimilar to those of Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis, it is worth noting that both systems consist of stages, that both have secret levels and that both are numbered with Roman numerals.
Hubbard also shared with Crowley a numbering system which begins at 0 rather than 1.


By "Operating Thetan", Hubbard meant an individual or "thetan" able to "operate" freely from the physical body, able to cause effects at a distance by will alone In Hubbard's words "a thetan exterior who can have but doesn't have to have a body in order to control or operate thought, life, matter, energy, space and time" (051). Hubbard used the term "intention" rather than "will" (052), but the goal of Scientology is clearly the same as that of the Crowley system. The Scientologist wishes to be able to control events and the minds of others by intention. This seems to be exactly what Crowley called "thelema". In a 1952 lecture, Hubbard recommended a book which he called "The Master Therion" (053). This was in fact one of Crowley's "magical" names. I have been advised by an officer of one of the Ordo Templi Orientis groups that the reference is most likely to Crowley's magnum opus Magick in Theory and Practice. In that work, Crowley gave this definition "Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will" (054). So the aim of both Crowley and Hubbard seems to have been the same.


It is often the case with Hubbard's work that he has simply taken other ideas and dressed them up in new expressions. Careful study shows that Dianetics is largely a rewording of existing work. The original language of Dianetics included such words as "operator", "reverie" and "regression" common to hypnotic practitioners at the time.

On leaving Scientology, most people cannot see that the "body thetans" of Operating Thetan levels three to seven are in fact the demons of Christian belief.

The "OT levels" are factually the most expensive form of exorcism known to man. Unfortunately, such beliefs and practices can have a severe effect upon practitioners, who take Hubbard's warnings to heart and come to believe themselves multiple personalities. I have been called in to help several times in such instances.

the most expensive form of exorcism

Another former Sea Organization member affidavited a meeting in the 1970s with an old man whose description fitted Hubbard's. She claimed to have been taken to the top floor of a Scientology building by high-ranking officials and left there with this man, who performed the sexual act with her, but very slowly (104). Indeed, in the way advocated by Crowley and called karezzo. No outside witness has corroborated this statement.

In conclusion, I believe that Hubbard was a classic psychopath. Some trauma in infancy separated him from the world and made him untrusting of other people. This developed into a paranoia, a need to control others.

by Jon Atack

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Why Emotional Intelligence is Key to Effective Leadership

Activate - Programmes & Services

Emotional Intelligence is a multi-faceted, measurable and developable
quality that both predicts and enables performance. It is less about
labels, and more about applicable knowledge. It is development at an
attitudinal level rather than simply skills training.

We have 3 flagship programmes to give you simple solutions for each
main area of development training:

* Personal awareness in leadership - intense,
powerful 2 day programme
* Performance coaching - 1:1 with a unique
focus on your team/department
* Team effectiveness - developing the 8 main
facets of real team effectiveness

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