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Telegraph | News | Snubbed television presenter calls Rowan Williams 'theologically opaque' and 'scared of schism' aft

Telegraph News Snubbed television presenter calls Rowan Williams 'theologically opaque' and 'scared of schism' aft:
"The two-hour Saturday-night special, called The New Ten Commandments, is presented by Snow and incorporates contributions from all of the major faith groups in the UK, including Dr Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi, the Most Rev Peter Smith, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff, and Dr Indarjit Singh, the director of the UK Network of Sikh Organisations. Eventually the Rt Rev Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London, agreed to represent the Church of England on the programme, but Snow said that 'the real pitch was to get the Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Church' and that he was 'stunned' at Dr Williams's refusal. "

Only three of the original 10 - "Thou shalt not commit adultery", "Honour thy father and mother" and "Thou shalt not steal" - make it into the new set, which includes "Protect the environment", "Be true to yourself" and "Look after your health".

Ebon Musings: The New Ten Commandments: "For a chilling proof that the evil of religious fundamentalism is still alive and well in the Christian tradition today, one need go no further than the website which bills itself as the Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the Ten Commandments, run by one Robert T. Lee. "

Salvation Army - War Cry 26 Feb 2005 p1: "New entries in the top ten commandments include 'Protect the environment' (backed by the Bishop of London, the Right Rev Richard Chartres) and 'Look after the vulnerable' (given the thumbs-up by Tony Benn).
Arguably most of the new commandments are versions of old ones, even if they weren't among the original ten.
One of the new kids on the blocks of stone is, in fact, one that appears in the Bible. 'Treat others as you would have them treat you' was promoted by Jesus as, in effect, the meaning of all the commandments and religious teachings (see Matthew 7:12).
Once when quizzed on the issue, Jesus gave his top two commandments (neither of which is directly from the ten).
He said: 'The most important one is this ... 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.' The second most important commandment is this: 'Love your neighbour as you love yourself'' (Mark 12:29-31 Good News Bible).
The original Old Testament Ten Commandments and Jesus' own mini-list reveal a truth still suggested by the new collection: our relationship with God and our relationship with other people go together."

Salvation Army - War Cry 26 Feb 2005 p1

Guardian Unlimited Columnists God's constructive dismissal: "Four and a half of the original commandments remain intact: those relating to adultery, stealing, lying (which is a lot like 'bearing false witness', that's why it's a half), killing, and honouring your parents. Two of the new commandments - 'Live within your means' and 'Appreciate what you have' - are pretty much covered by the original injunction against coveting anything at all belonging to your neighbour, so they must have been introduced to save children having to look up the word 'covet' in a dictionary. I'm not sure that anyone could give a definitive answer on where God stands vis-a-vis dictionaries.

And the others range between the basically good-hearted - 'Never be violent', 'Do as you would be done by' - and the inane, bumper-sticker morality of 'Enjoy life!' and 'Everything in moderation'. The one fly in the ointment of God's omniscience is the new rule of 'Protect the environment'. It would have been a lot more helpful if he'd told us that before, but then, human nature being what it is, it probably wouldn't have made any difference"

Google Search: "new ten commandments"

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We observe the dots
and want to sense the lines in between

that's all we ever do
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a yearning to
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the dots
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the lines
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Bracket Bracket 26

We observe the dots
and want to sense the lines in between

that's all we ever do
that's all we ever think

a yearning to
& understand the lines in between

the dots
the nodes
are what we personally experience of the world

the lines
are the comparisons
and relationships
and metaphors that connect the dots

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Thinking about Weight Loss plans and the the 5BX program

Weight Loss Programs: Which weight loss program will really work?
well why not call it a diet ?
an open letter, an answer in usenet:-

"laxmi" wrote
> I think I have the answer to what you are asking,


Hi Laxmi

wihout meeting eyebal to eyeball
I think it is very presumptious for anyone to make such a diagnosis

I did not download your spread sheet because I dd not trust you
- spread sheets may contain active code and you are an unknown.

Obviously you hope to indirectly increase the sales of your book
and when dieting is going well we all feel like born again christians trying to make converts
and singing "come and join us"

One of the two points that you make that I will give you is "the psychology of the mind" is critical
but you express that concept very very clumsily, as if english is not your mother tongue,
or you do not think very clearly about the definitions of the words you use.

Substituting the definition for the word shows why
. . . .""The science that deals with mental processes and behavior." of the mind.

I studied at an ashram in London and was taught how to meditate using a mantra
I do not believe in any religion - hinduism or christianity - and both are mechanisms of social control for example.

But an effective method of entering a meditative state of mind is however a very useful tool to have in ones mental tool box., part of "know thyself".

The other point you make is that walking is an essential part of any program of self improvement,
but for the pathologically obese (double so called "ideal weight")
too much walking could damage joints and limbs.

Swimming three lenghs three times a week is a far better way to start because the water supports all the bodyweight, and when muscle tone has been improved then serious walking may begin.

About 30 minutes exercise at a comfortable rate three tiems a week
or 11 minutes a day in your own home doing 5 Basic eXercises

"• The canadian federal government's first fitness initiative was researched in the 1950s by the RCAF. It resulted in the 5BX program.
• The program became famous worldwide. Even Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, regularly performed the exercises.
• The intensity of the exercises varied from level one to six. In the most complicated level, a person scored an A+ for performing many repetitions of five complicated exercises and a one-mile run in 11 minutes. "

I got the Penguin book in about 1960 and now yellowed,
I still regard itas one of my most treasured posessions.

I replaced the running and star jumps by gentler walking or swimming

ONLY two or three reps at first (2 or 3 repetitions)

1 - sit ups - stomach muscles
2 - lie on stomach and arch back - back muscles
3 - push ups with knees bent at first - arm and shoulders muscles
4 - bending and stretching - touching the floor between ones feet

(I like to add twisting here too)

5 - aerobics for 5 minutes vigourously
or 20 to 30 minutes gently (the best in my opinion)

get the book for the progession and targets
oops I see my version is not quite right LOL

For Teachers - CBC Archives

Students can continue the 5BX or XBX systems for a longer period of time, following their progression through the levels and charts. They may also choose to research other outdated fitness fads to determine which were ineffective (such as vibrating belts), and which were dangerous (such as stiff leg deadlifts, toe touches).

DOWNLOAD Getting fit - staying fit - personal fitness program 5BX.

Getting fit - staying fit - personal fitness program 5BX.: "NOTE: As with any exercise program if you are over 40 , I suggest you check with your doctor before undertaking any exercise plan. Also as with any unsupervised fitness program...take care..don't over exert.
The 5BX program was developed for the Royal Canadian Air Force by Bill Orban. They stopped using it 25 years ago. Some people say that some of the exercises are outdated and could be harmful - others use it and have no problems at all. In the end the choice is yours whether you take up 5BX. I personally have had no physical problems doing 5BX up to Chart 2 - C+"

Saturday, March 26, 2005

soft tissues from a Tyrannosaurus rex ?

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | T. rex fossil has 'soft tissues': "Dr Schweitzer is not making any grand claims that these soft traces are the degraded remnants of the original material - only that they give that appearance.
She and other scientists will want to establish if some hitherto unexplained fine-scale process has been at work in MOR 1125, which was pulled from the famous dinosaur rocks of eastern Montana known as the Hell Creek Formation.

'This may not be fossilisation as we know it, of large macrostructures, but fossilisation at a molecular level,' commented Dr Matthew Collins, who studies ancient bio-molecules at York University, UK.
'My suspicion is this process has led to the reaction of more resistant molecules with the normal proteins and carbohydrates which make up these cellular structures, and replaced them, so that we have a very tough, resistant, very lipid-rich material - a polymer that would be very difficult to break down and characterise, but which has preserved the structure,' he told the BBC.
But if there are fragments, at least, of the original dinosaur molecules, their details could provide new clues to the relationship between T. rex and living species, such as birds. "

Inevitably, people will wonder whether the creature's DNA might also be found. But the "life molecule" degrades rapidly over thousand-year timescales, and the chances of a sample surviving from the Cretaceous are not considered seriously.

But there is human DNA in the 5 to 7000 year old time scale and nature never fails to surprise.

Friday, March 25, 2005


Bollington, fun: "I wrote this poem after visiting a mate of mine (Jonny Collingwood) in Bollington! I've visited Bollington a few times, great place!! Until recently I was Poet-In-Residence at Liverpool Architecture and Design Trust and the poem 'Happy Valley' is one of the poems that will be in my doctoral thesis. Andrew Taylor "
Bollington, Cheshire UK, home page
Life and death winner for poet:

"Michael Symmons Roberts, 41, a father of three, from Bollington, was revealed last night as the winner of the poetry award for his fourth volume of work, Corpus.

It explores the themes of life, death and the after-life. It includes a poem charting the decomposition of a human corpse and another detailing a post mortem examination.

Previous winners include the late poet laureate Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney."

AWARD: Michael Symmons Roberts

BURNING BABYLON by Roberts, Michael Symmons, Roberts, Michael Symmons: "In his first two collections - Soft Keys and Raising Sparks - Michael Symmons Roberts established himself as a lyric and dramatic poet with metaphysical concerns.

In this new collection, those concerns are as strong as ever, but rooted in a specific place and time.
These poems describe the personal and public rise and fall of Greenham Common.

The public story, as one of the most contentious missile bases of the cold war, ended with fences removed, buildings demolished, the base returned to common land. The private history emerges from the poet's own experience, as an adolescent living a mile away from Greenham Common at the height of its powers.

That third community of locals - not the USAF or the peace camps - is finally given a voice in Burning Babylon.
This is war poetry, but from an undeclared war in which battle lines were unclear, secrecy was an obsession, and threat was the chief weapon.
At the heart of it all was that real and mythic gated city - the base - which was both a key part of the poet's childhood landscape, and the prime nuclear target in Britain.

This image of a huge, occult and lethal power latent behind wire in the middle of England has haunted the minds of a generation - just as the poems in this book will resonate long after it is laid aside. "

Food for Risen Bodies II

The Poetry House:

"On that final night, his meal was formal:
lamb with bitter leaves of endive, chervil,
bread with olive oil and jars of wine.

Now on Tiberias' shores he grills
a carp and catfish breakfast on a charcoal fire.
This is not hunger, this is resurrection:

he eats because he can, and wants to
taste the scales, the moist flakes of the sea,
to rub the salt into his wounds. "

by Michael Symmons Roberts
Publisher:Jonathan Cape

on beliefs and the influences that have shaped them

BBC - Radio 3 - Daily Schedule: "19:20
Michael Symmons Roberts

Series in which Joan Bakewell talks to guests about their beliefs and the influences that have shaped them. This edition features Michael Symmons Roberts, winner of the 2004 Whitbread Poetry Award."

Google Search: Michael Symmons Roberts

He went to Oxford as an agressive atheist and talks how changing his subject
(at the universuty) from english as a wonna-be writer to philosophy and theology.

And having learned the skills of demolishing arguments he deconstructed his faith in atheism to his childhood religion. (last 2 words my assumption).
Remembering my own late teen insecurity he has my sympathy - he likes to go to church and evidently cannot survive in his community without the weekly dose of the drug of the liturgy and the seasonal rotation.

Oxford University was founded as a production factory for priests, vicars, curates, bishops and ministers with LATIN as an essential for most of the centuries.

So it is hardly surprising he got done over or mugged at
Google Search: theology oxford

Google Search: philosophy
Theology at Oxford - The Honour School of Philosophy and Theology

The underlying aim of the course is to enable students to understand and assess the intellectual claims of religion, in particular those of Christianity. For this they need a thorough grounding in philosophy and an acquaintance that is more than superficial with Christian theology.

Philosophy involves study of conflicting theories on mind and body, free will, space and time, morality; it helps to provide criteria for assessing arguments and analysing the relations to each other of disciplines such as theology and science.

A basic historical grounding is provided, and the obvious bridge-subject of the Philosophy of Religion is studied. there is the GOTCHA

On the Theology side students will concentrate on those aspects of the subject whose primary component is doctrinal, rather than purely historical.
To ensure a basic grounding all candidates are required to study New Testament Theology (in English) and Christian Doctrine in its contemporary context
. and how to make converts

For those whose primary interest is in philosophy the course provides the opportunity to become familiar with the history and current practice of the discipline, and to apply it to questions of fundamental interest and importance. with the assunption that god is

For those whose primary concern is with Christian theology it offers a way of studying the subject that encourages a reflective awareness of the character of the language and the nature of the arguments that are used in the interpretation, criticism and defence of the Christian faith. © University of Oxford

Priest and philosophers , gurus too are essential salesmen

Theology at Oxford - Information for prospective students

Isn't Theology mainly for practising Christians?

At Oxford we study Theology as an academic subject - that is, analytically and critically.
Arguments based solely on assertion or belief rarely prosper: a more solid base is needed. LOL the premises of it all cannot be proved

So although many do bring a lively faith to their studies, many do not: undergraduates come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds and none. the latter better watch out - making conversions is like collecting scalps - or being a Casanova of the souls

Those who come up as committed Christians sometimes fear that studying Theology may destroy their faith, but they usually find that the academic challenges provoke them to think further, and their conviction is deepened.
dangerous bed fellows - I had an affair with a lovely tall well shaped red haired theological student from Copenhagen University - we were greatly attracted to each other but the deep irrationality of her life - teaching confirmation candidates whilst living "normally" with beer and a decent sex life, as students do and should - in moderation of course - ruled her out as a candidate for Mrs Watkins the third -grin - still one eye open for number four - but I am neither rich nor thin enough to attract those I like. so I let things drift - sigh.

Whether you are a Christian or not, the academic nature of the subject will certainly test your ideas, and the diversity of religious backgrounds leads to lively debates both in teaching and learning. yes tested poor old Michael Symmons Roberts's to destruction - well deconstruction.

As an atheist I am the passive type, because I see no point in attempting to destroy other peoples faith. A useful værktøj, a tool, for survival but I can accept not knowing and that there is much that I. or we - the scinetists , philosphers or human race - can never know.

18 to 20 years of age is dangerously young to study philosophy , or theology too, far better when one is 30 + years old and can cope with the BIG (unanswerable) QUESTIONS.

Where do we come from?
and what happens after we are dead?

I see death as an organic recycling as natural as birth, we oldies have to die to make room for all the beautiful young people.

Fundamentalism is not reserved for the noisy part of Islam

Oxford Movement: "A movement to reform the Church of England begun at Oxford University in 1833, the Oxford movement was led by John Keble, John Henry Newman, and Richard Hurrell Froude. All were fellows of Oriel College, Oxford, passionately loyal to the church, and deeply disturbed by the British government's interference in its affairs. In addition, they were influenced by the patristic writings and attracted to the ritual and worship of the early and medieval church.

Newman believed the movement began when, on July 14, 1833, Keble preached on 'National Apostasy,' a sermon prompted by an attempt in Parliament to suppress ten Irish bishoprics. More important was the publication of Tracts for the Times by Newman. The first three were published on Sept. 9, 1833; and the last, Tract 90, which aroused a storm of controversy, in 1841. The tracts aimed at recalling the English to true churchmanship, to an understanding of the church as an organic, independent body, not a creature of the state, and to a sacramental ministry and life. The Tractarians, as they came to be called, envisioned the movement as a middle way between Roman Catholicism and evangelicalism."

Oliver Cromwell was born in Huntingdon, Cambridge. 1616. Cromwell joined Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University Google Search: oliver cromwell university

and he closed theatres and banned all sorts of sensual stuff.

BBC - History - Stephen Gardiner (c.1483 - 1555): "Gardiner was educated in civil and cannon law at Cambridge University in 1520-21. In 1525 he became secretary to Cardinal Wolsey"

The next few years saw Gardiner flip-flop his position on religion. In a move that curried favour with the King, Gardiner published a treatise that attacked the papacy. Known as the Episcopi de vera obedientia oratio ('Bishop's Speech on True Obedience'), it supported the king's supremacy as leader of the Church of England. Yet four short years later, in 1539, Gardiner sided with the conservatives in their support of Roman Catholicism and led them in their passing of the Six Articles (which some claim he wrote). The Six Articles required Englishmen to uphold the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church. Thomas Cromwell's resulting fall from grace was partly attributed to him

The next few years saw Gardiner flip-flop his position on religion. In a move that curried favour with the King, Gardiner published a treatise that attacked the papacy. Known as the Episcopi de vera obedientia oratio ('Bishop's Speech on True Obedience'), it supported the king's supremacy as leader of the Church of England. Yet four short years later, in 1539, Gardiner sided with the conservatives in their support of Roman Catholicism and led them in their passing of the Six Articles (which some claim he wrote). The Six Articles required Englishmen to uphold the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church. Thomas Cromwell's resulting fall from grace was partly attributed to him

well this blog has turned into a mental health warning !


ask yourself what does your teacher or mentor want from you in return for your love?

money - 10% of your income - all worldy goods
sex - sex slaves - power over your body - love affairs with professors and lecturers
power - the drug of politicians, millionaires and chieftains
prestige - Casonova's of souls - eaters of the dead?


are you going to commit body and soul?

On the Oxford Movement
Gradually some of its members, including William Ward and Henry Manning, joined the Roman Catholic church. In 1845, Newman was converted and the movement came to a point of crisis.

Converts are unstable or insecure and often highly artistic and might well score highly as "irrational" or "neurotic" in psychometric tests.

I am like that too - do you know yourself?

BTW a high IQ can be a liability
because it grants you the ability to make HUGE mistakes

Eg Bobby Fischer's big mouth is on the news today again
Historically for example Napoleon and Hitler always come to mind as very dangerous charismatic blunderers.

Google Search: "know yourself"

Two famous slogans of which greek god were "Nothing in excess," and "Know yourself"?

The Kabbalah (Part 1 of 3: Its Underlying Ideas): "Over the entrance to the Greek temple at Delphi was written 'Man know thyself and thou shalt know the secrets of the universe.'" not so far from ZEN either

and in the background Radio 3 plays the Matthew Passion

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Accoona Launches, But Isn't Ready for Prime Time December 7, 2004

Accoona Launches, But Isn't Ready for Prime Time: "Accoona is based in New Jersey, though China Daily Information, the largest English language web site in China, owns a controlling interest in the company. The company touts its artificial intelligence technologies as 'an important part of our intellectual property.'
Accoona is running its own web crawler. This means that we now have another unique web index, which is always welcome. How large is the database? Accoona CEO Stuart Kauder refused to reveal a total page count, nor did he say how often the database is updated other than that it's done 'regularly.'"

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Anesthesia and Restraint of Raccoons and Relatives (Carnivora, Procyonidae)

Anesthesia and Restraint of Raccoons and Relatives (Carnivora, Procyonidae):

"Manual Restraint

"One should never underestimate the ability of even the smallest members of the Procyonidae to resist manual restraint and inflict serious bodily injury.
As a result, manual restraint can not be adequately and safely employed for procedures such as blood sampling, ear tagging, and physical examination.
Rather, it should be reserved only for injection of medications and chemical restraint agents and if you are skilled and experienced enough, quick trap removals or cage relocations.
Protective gloves should be worn during attempts at manual restraint.
As added protection a butcher's chain-mail glove may be used as an insert in a welder's or monkey handling glove.

However, it should always be remembered that gloves decrease tactile sensitivity and may encourage an excessive pressure to be applied to maintain grip on the animal [12].

NEVER try to restrain any Procyonidae by picking them up by the scruff-of-the-neck.
The Procyon, Bassaricyon and Bassariscus generally have enough 'extra' skin to twist almost completely around, while Nasau and Potos flavus have insufficient skin to allow a good 'purchase'.

Bassaricyon, Bassariscus and Potos flavus may be captured with gloved hands by quickly and firmly grasping around the dorsolateral cervical area immediately caudal to the skull with one hand (avoid compressing the jugular groove and/or trachea), while restraining the legs and tail with the other hand.
An assistant is now able to give an injection in one of the extended rear legs. In the Nasau and Procyon, such restraint attempts are a daunting and dangerous under-taking because of their 'Houdini-like' ability to very aggressively resist restraint.

With lightening speed and agility they flex their limbs to the body, hunch up their necks and proceed to roll side-to-side and front to back into a ball, while emitting blood-curdling snorts, growls and screams and biting at anything within reach.
At this point the uninitiated handler usually drops his charge and bleeding profusely tries to escape, but frequently finds the animal had made a bee-line toward them in the hopes of gaining "the high ground" by climbing up their legs - old habits of climbing trees in defense die hard.
12. Fowler ME. Carnivora. In: Restraint and Handling of Wild and Domestic Animals. Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1978; 201-213. "

and you still want to be a vet or zoo keeper?
I was just googling the words - snapping potos - for photos.
vetinary surgeon

oops! and a quick spell check,
Google Search: veterinary surgeon

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Design Issues for the World Wide Web

Design Issues for the World Wide Web: "These statements of architectural principle explain the thinking behind the specifications. These are personal notes by Tim Berners-Lee: they are not endorsed by W3C. They are aimed at the technical community, to explain reasons, provide a framework to provide consistency for for future developments, and avoid repetition of discussions once resolved."
These documents date from the original design of the web, dating from 1990 when the first HTML editor was available to write them. When reading them please bear this in mind. Some have been updated later. Although the design is for a global general hypertext system, the justification for the initial project was the CERN environment and this may be evident in some places.

RFC 2663 (rfc2663) - IP Network Address Translator (NAT) Terminology and C

The IP Address

e.g. a 24-bit network number has a netmask which may be written as, this is identical to 0xFFFFF00.
and when they run out?

Friday, March 04, 2005

The Arizona Republic news

Crow Busters - Beginners Techniques - Decoying and Calling Crows

Crow Busters - Beginners Techniques - Decoying and Calling Crows

Crow Busters - West Nile Virus News: "These numbers of individuals are not great but the data suggests that mortality in wild crow populations may approach 40% within 2 months of exposure to the West Nile Virus.
West Nile was first detected in North America in the summer of 1999 in New York State. Since then it has spread to 45 states, the District of Columbia and 5 Canadian Provinces. Since October 21, 2003, 7,539 human cases have of WNV, including 155 deaths, have been reported. "

Crows: " The Corvids - crows, ravens, jays, magpies and jackdaws, are the Einsteins of the bird family; no other birds even come close to matching their intelligence. Crows live in close knit family groups. They communicate -- some 23 distinct patterns of caws have been interpreted -- and they cooperate with each other. At work, they don't stab each other in the back, and back home, they don't cheat on their spouses -- crows generally mate for life."

Google Search: few crows diet

Thursday, March 03, 2005

UK Newsadmin's FAQ

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

How the Usenet News Protocols Work

How the Usenet News Protocols Work

There is a problem with the newsgroups header in a message sent via e-mail. Different systems use this header in two different ways:

1 -- To indicate that this message has also been sent via Usenet news to the indicated newsgroups.
2 -- To indicate that this is a personal reply, sent only via e-mail, to a message posted on the indicated newsgroups.

Because of this problem, it is better to use the Posted-To header in e-mail to indicate that a message has also been sent to certain newsgroups, and e-mail recipients should ignore any newsgroups heading in an e-mail message.

A FIGURE shows how new articles are forwarded from server to server in Usenet News.

A server tells its adjacent servers which items it offers, the server requests those it has not already got via another route.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Pixel Principles -- Principles of Typography

Pixel Principles -- Principles of Typography
I needed to know the defference betwen an "f" and a long "s"
no bar if it is an "s"

Google Search: parts letter typography
Google image Search: parts letter typography